Sea World....again

So we took a trip over to SeaWorld today, with out daddy because he is off on a trip of his own. Kailee loves the penguins .... they seemed to be her favorite stop on the way. This is what it looked like above her head.
and afterwards she didn't want to leave without one of these huggable guys. and well i gave in and got her one. but she didn't want a manatee, a shark, shamu, or a polar bear. so the penguin seems to be her favorite. and this guy got to travel the park with her.

"dolphin's got me wet" 

we sat in the "soak zone" i didn't think the dolphins could do more than a little splashing, and we were high up. I WAS SO WRONG..... 
it wasn't the dolphins that got us wet is was a Pacific Pilot whale named Bubble's. She was able to reach us easily. and did some amazing flips and jumps just like the dolphins.

Now over the Shamu and the Belive show.  kailee can show you this dance anytime you ask her about shamu. see you put your hands together like a whale's tail and then chant "SHAMU! SHAMU" while moving your arms up and down. kailee stands up and does this every time.
... this is what shamu is doing all while the dance is going on..... splashing the audience. we sat in the very top of the soak zone and didn't get wet. :) there is no way i am sitting any lower.... you really will get SOAKED. with 52 F degree salt water... cold and sticky for the rest of the day.  
all in all the highlights of seaworld

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Pam said...

Great pictures Jakki-I love the one of her and the penguin! Glad you girls had a fun day!!!!