Mr Pumpkin Head

So blogger really loves me and its always posting my photos in reverse order! 

So lets start by introducing you to the Mr Pumpkin Head Family thing year .. Kailee and her Daddy had a fun time making each one of these beautiful faces ... we had the animal and monster face packs.
Kailee standing behind Dopy the Giant Pumpkin (he'll actually be carved come halloween night, but it was too much fun putting faces on the pumpkin last night that they just couldn't stop.)
This is my puppy pumpkin, I had a little bit of say in him .... I got to sorta kinda pick the mouth. I'm telling you they left me with the camera and the two of them went to town deciding and making pumpkin faces.
This one is Daddy's ... and it was suppost to be like a sneak peek at the top of the page.
Kailee picking out eyes and noses
Daddy putting the faces on while kailee watched .. this step needed a little but of knife poking.
So we got these Mr Pumpkin Head faces for our pumpkins this year in hopes that we could decorate them before halloween night and not have them turn into a science experiment. Its a San Diego curse that pumpkins don't last, we've actually had them die not carved before the night too. Frustrating! But this looks to be the perfect way for little fingers to help decorate with a lot of control given to them.


Scrap Candy said...

I never thought about potatohead pieces!?! So cool for K's age! Love 'em!

Shelstan said...

Those are sooooo stinkin' cute!!!

Pam said...

That is super cool! Those would be perfect for the little pumpkins we HAD to get. We are supposed to be doing ours tomorrow, but I am a little worried that our pumpkin is rotting:( Love how into it K is!