cookies ... something I have MASTERD

So something I am good at, baking! I can't cook, really I can't cook anything that tastes good. And the little bit that I can cook usually involves baking of some sort. I realize this sounds like bragging, and to a degree it is, but I never get to take anything home with me when I bring something to a pot luck, granted I bring baked goods but they are usually the first to go.  I guess this is probably a good thing, taking home an empty plate is far easier than one with bits left over. But it if DH finds out about so called event he insists that I make double what ever it is, so that there is some left at home for him to eat. I rarely eat much of what I bake, waist line to think of. but I have just accepted it as something that I do well, and enjoy sharing this with others.... although I'm not sure how happy their waistlines are about that.

 I think I want to make a challenge of this for myself at least... if you want to play along make sure to send me a link.

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Scrap Candy said...

Mmmmmm...I can smell these right through the screen...