Best of Buds

Some more shots from our little pumpkin search. Kailee and Rylan are the best of buds... kailee just can't stop talking about the guy... its aidanrylan this and rylanbabyquinn that (she mushes the names together)  i'll probably tease her about this when she's older, although i don't think the dad's really mind this combo (they're best friends) . it was really cute the two of them were pretty much inseparable on this last trip... and a play DATE is defiantly in the future.
the fake smile... but the hand holding is just so adorable.
they were taking turns with the cheese smiles.  and you have to love the "daddy"photo skills i did not have the camera at this venture in time. 
(he is one of the "cute boys" she's been talking about in the past layouts.....)


Scrap Candy said...

what a cute "couple"! Another great set of shots. I love her other pumpkin shirt, but the stripes on this one are so dang cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG my dh would have a heart attack if Ky held hands with a boy!!! It is too cute though.

Shelstan said...

I love that hand-holding pic! That one must be blown up for a layout!

Pam said...

Awww, love the holding hands-so cute!!! How much older is he? Can't wait to see these scrapped!!!

rcprncss said...

OMG! They are ADORABLE! I agree the fake smiles are cute! Them holding hands is just priceles, both blond and beautiful! Love the pictures!