okay so it has me hooked, I can't get that book out of my head.  I'm involved with the characters, and I have emotion towards them ... its not a book ... or so I seem to tell myself when I escape to it. I want it, and I can't get my head out of it, if  I put it down and walk away my thoughts are consumed by it, and all I can think of is how to get back to it ... sickening I know, but its an addiction 
(I've done this with a few other books)

AAHHH! now I am done I read Twilight twice back to back then, New Moon, and today I just finished Eclipse, and I don't want to leave the place it took me ... there's a 4th book out but I have to wait and bugger my SIL to barrow her copy ... although I already know I need these books just like I need all my Harry Potter books, Eragon and Eldest (third in the trilogy is out in september ... i might be waiting outside the bookstore for its release), and pride and predjuice .... there are others mormon romance books(squeaky clean now SEX) that I wont admit to liking but I'm about to go and raid my MIL's collection soon for those favorites..... 

so my family is mad at me and the house is a mess.... its all cool thought I have saturday to make it al up ......

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