My camera got turned on ME!!!!

So this is what happens when DH gets a hold on my camera ... he thinks himself the photographer. I think him as annoying because I swear all he does is hold down the shutter button and snap pictures of ME coming towards him, cringing at all the deleting and editing ahead of me. But this time I went all model on him and to K's great surprise and his ... made funny faces at the camera ... I still have like 20 photos (he discovered burst mode) of me telling him to stop holding down the shutter and take pictures of other stuff.

and yes I am addicted to my sunglasses ... its so bright outside with out them on ..... that and I was on my way to go get dinner ... PIZZA NIGHT!! who hoo love the clean up on that one, its all him. :)


Pam said...

Woo hoo hot mama!!! Don't you look cute! Glad to see some pictures of you here!!!

Kathy said...

great pics of you - annoying dh or not. Love the tongue sticking out - you're too funny! Bet your "modeling" really did surprise him!