Manual Settings

What the Crap? They look pretty much the same as if I was using the green box ugh! so I like this one no zoom just K rushing me all wet and me with my fancy camera attached to my face (it made it out okay though) I love the flag in the background and the red suit she's wearing such a classic american girl summer photo here... what else could it be.
I owe Louisa this photo.... so I'm lagging but back when he was in town his SUV made me instantly think of girl, with a big smile of course. Oh and there one of my neighbors because I saw them around for a couple of days after the concert, lol
My little sun bathing beauty... wont this picture be cute in the future. Also manual settings although I don't remember exactly what.... i like the angle, and I can only see a millions ways to make this picture suck, pose wise..... so whatcha thinking????


Scrap Candy said...

I think that first photo of K deserves some SR Liberty - whatta ya think?

Pam said...

I came here looking for some Disney pictures!!! I love the sun bather picture-how adorable!!!!! She is too cute in her red suit! I could see the layout-American girl in the summer, or something.

rcprncss said...

Ha! Kenny Chesney does rock! I love the photo, thanks for sharing! The last picture is so cute with her sunbathing!