So what do you do while you're waiting for fireworks to start .... 
Well if your K you run around the baseball field telling mommy and daddy to come catch you. And then decide that you want to do flips while mommy's playing with the camera

next is to sit down on the blanket and tell mommy "no picture me" and make funny faces and do what ever else it takes to make for "bad" pictures and mommy to stop flashing you.

Mommy with her fruitless photo taking of K then turns the camera on herself and Daddy to get yet another funny goofy photo that almost chops her out of the frame.
And then at 9:09 the fireworks start and the camera can then be turned on to them.
and note: there hard to get a clean shot ... will have to work on my technique for future attempts


Pam said...

CUTE pics of K!!! Your firework ones came out good!! I am so mad at myself for hardly taking any pics on the 4th, grrr...but the bottom one is my favorite!

Scrap Candy said...

I agree! I adore those pics! your fireworks are stunning - nice feature on your camera!

rcprncss said...

Super cute pictures, even you and dh! Great fireworks shot! Wow! (Don't go looking at mine now) LOL