Another Beach trip

so today we went to the beach, its was fun and turns out all K wants to do there is play in the sand, she sent me off to get water every time I got back. 
We went to Coronado and well they have the coolest dog park (but they call it a run). So Bagel got to come with us, such a loving perfect dog, he let DH burry him in the sand, as well as take him out into the waves. Bagel wasn't so sure of the waves but he tolerated it in true beagle style.
and for prosperity sake here's the picture I took of my self. I'll have to be more creative next time. lol. also was playing with some clipping maskes
And I really don't know if this is just a san diego california thing, but EVERYONE here WEARS SUNGLASSES all the time. and I found these babies at osh cosh big gosh and they are the cutest. so kailee now gets to be just like mommy and daddy and have her own pair of black sunglasses ... she wore them the entire beach outing too, or was that us threatening  her with sitting in the car if she took them off?


Scrap Candy said...

Jakki, These pics are so awesome! Love the shades!!! and all that sand!!

rcprncss said...

She is so cute in those sunglasses!

Pam said...

OMGosh-K looks so much like you with those sunglasses on!!!!!!! How freakin' cute! Love the picture of her in the sand...Aislynn does the same thing-makes me be the water girl;)