Fun Times

Okay so some cute photo's to show here, I've been going crazy trying to keep up and am abot ready to give up. Seriously! But I have some fun photos of K taken this past week or so and thought I would share, no real events happening, and I am wondering how I can manage to scrap these buggers with out going overboard in my albums with 1,000 upon 1,000 if images taken day after day. so with no further ado, Kailee blowing bubbles, but she's managed to stick the lid in her mouth with no bubbles to be seen (really all she does is spill the solution all over the place then play with the wand and little container, but there has to be some kinda liquid in the bottle or she throws a fit. I'm speaking from experience here, but water works)
So we were invited to a birthday party and here was the main attraction, a BOUNCE castle. I think we spent the whole party there, Kailee loved the thing, from running around in it, to bouncing, but mostly I think it was the falling down part she got the biggest kick out of. Oh and Daddy joined her in all this fun. This is just the best picture or at least I think it is so I'm posting it.
Promise I will get on the photo thing for are little photo class going on with my hard core sisters... I think I may even have a little logo figured out for us, Candi. I'll keep you posted :)

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Pam said...

Cute cute! I love the bouncy one-she looks like she is having a blast!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the logo:)