at the BEACH

this has to be one of my favorite shots from the day, i know there's alot going on but you still see the subjects of K and her cousin (there best buds when ever the family gets together) and i just love the panoramic i got out of my dslr ... hence why i want that wide angle lens, i love the open space of the image

She didn't want to get her dress wet, a little late to figure out the whole holding it up  she's already soaking wet.

playing in the sand, can she ever get enough of this. oh and she was to busy to pay attention to me and let me get a face shot of the day.  it was interesting she didn't want to get dirty so her job in the sand castle making was to grab the buckets and go get the water. so back and forth we went getting buckets of water, i had to follow her because she was "so busy" in her work that she went a wandering alot to other groups around us. 

my favorite shot of the day, its K's cousin who is almost exactly 6 months younger. just wish i didn't cut off her feet, love the hair in her face the whole shot
one of the few face shots I got of my daughter
the day was so much fun and no sun burn from it either. who hoo love sun screen when I remember to put it on lol.  and I know I was crazy for bring my dslr to the beach, dont know ifi'll do it again  any time soon, it was really hard to take pictures and keep an eye on K, that one works so much better with the p&s 2.5" screen and being able to hold the camera away from you and take the picture, so that's why so few photos, I had to enjoy the day more than just shoot the day, lol.

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Pam said...

SOOO adorable! You are making me want to go to the beach, lol. My fave is the one of K digging in the sand, although the dress one is super cute too!!