So I have been lagging in my postings here. And just spent way to much time checking out classmates.com and left my blog addy while trying to cheat the system. I'll go back tomorrow and see if it worked. 

So I have seriously been out of High School for 10 years. That's scary, because I had more of a clue of what I want to do when I grow up back in HS than I do now that I am out of college and in the real world all grown up. Weird and taking some serious soul searching.  A question I have been thinking on is would I go back and do it differently, and I have to say yes to that in my college choices and studies, I would totally go back but I would want a guarantee that I could still meet my husband, and have Kailee around.  But if that were not a stipulation of the circumstance ... I'm really truly happy with what I got. Although DH I don't think would believe me if he were reading this right now. 

Life is seriously stressful right now and I'm not sure what I want do about it, or that there really is an answer to all this other than just living it out and seeing where it takes us in the end. And thats so why I have to take off the glasses and look at the bigger picture, its the struggles that make us who and what we are in the end. If life was easy it wouldn't be as much fun to look back on.  I'm starting to ramble and don't know where this is taking me, and I am positive I have a whole lot of other stuff to get done out side of cyber space.

So info on the photo.... I didn't know I had this one, its of Kailee I believe around easter time (those mardi gra beads are at IL's) and taking at DH's parents house. I love the expression on her face along with the pose she's in ... but not sure what to do with it besides post it on here and tell you all what I like about it. Hmmm me I guess. 

Hakuna Matata, till a later Date.

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Pam said...

I am with you girl, except I met Shaun in HS, well I was in HS, hee hee. I would've taken more classes in topics that interested me. And I would've taken longer-man, paying for stuff like health insurance and groceries sucks:)