It's HOT!

So its freaking hot today, and yesterday, and now that I'm thinking about it the day before that too. UGH! California summers I guess. 

So I love this photo.... the expression on her face is awsome, don't think I could have possed that one. Running shots are just plain luck im my case, usually there blurry. and love the sprinkler showing up in the background as well (most the shots you couldn't see the water in). Its definatly a srapbook type photo. but its awsome IMP. An action shots, the computer told me I took 66 photos of this hour long play session, so thats an average of 1 photo a min. I got some good ones and a whole lot of bad ones. But I was good this time around and instantly deleted all the bad shots. Oh and this was with my P&S camera too, I'll probably double the photo count with the DSLR.

Well nothing much else going on ... looks like everyone's sick though ... stupid bug sticks again.


Scrap Candy said...

i love her little, wet smile and matching pink crocs and dress! She is adorable. Please send your heat on this way. We are barely 60 and I would love to jump through the sprinkler in 90 degree temps!

Pam said...

LOVE that pic-yup, totally a scrapbook picture!!! There you go-PINK too!!! Can't wait to see you scrap it!

rcprncss said...

The joy of being a kid, running around with the sprinklers on and just loving it. I remember those days! Fabulous shot!