okay so I am one for examples, I love to see something and get a feel for what they want me to do. so I guess that just means I am more of a visual person. So here are some photo examples of what I am wanting you girls to achieve in our little photo class.

okay this photo is a triangle, and yes I know K's centered but the cement on the bottom turn it into a triangle, so its got more visual interest from that.

Another triangle photo.... three sides are taken up. and not exactly cented

subject is off to one side, asemtrical and the background is in focus and interesting.

another asemetrical image (i cropped this one, so i guess technically its cheating but i went to art school so i can crop at this point HA! ... showing my authority) love the background. the little bugger, this might have been taking the night she painted the carpet yellow with my acrylics... hmmmm

another off center

so my triangles are all pretty much centered, ugh i'm taking photos and attempting to use them as examples and I don't want to be stretching the beliveablity to much, okay.

you all are seeing more photos then I usually show... and just a heads up most of these were not in my HAVE to scrap pile, there just the ones that made the initial 2-3 cuts I make, and are living in the virtual space of my computer ... I was going for that, showing the not usually seen pictures i take. :)

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Pam said...

Thanks for the examples!!! Love the one with the fence-scrap that one! I am going to get started on your assignment this weekend!