So much of ME

I see so much of me in here. This picture is a perfect example of me, bare foot in the park, rolled up jeans with a cute t-shirt and a clip in the hair.  The set up is so urban stairs and  all concrete I love the color of concrete, weird I know but its this grayish sand color that I can't get enough of with such a solid foot print because of what it makes up and how it's used in our world.  Awesome stuff  but it doesn't compare with nature, nothing can steal the view of an open field of grass that just calls you to run through it bare foot and free, but its still alluring, and  cool crisp calling my name.

I'm sure this is me rambling but  the picture shows so much of who I am in it, that it's ironic that my daughter is the one in the photo. So I guess she is growing up to be just like me. She already  repeating some of my "isms", although she has her own that I am coping from her. Wow she doesn't really look 2 either, I guess the "they grow up fast" is hitting me. But in all honesty I'm not a baby person and find it so much more fun at this age ... I do believe two year olds are my favorite little people.

They have an opinion, and are starting to show there  true personality. Are easily excited and the world is still so new to them. Bugs fascinate, while boundaries are being learned, they have no pre impressions of anyone. and best of all are quick to apologize and quick to repeat the offense. The terrible two's are my favorite although frustrating, still they make the journey of raising kids fun and unpredictable.

Jamba juice is her dad, he has a addiction to it right now so he gets that piece of the picture. And I'm sure later I'll have a picture of her that I see her Daddy in.

.... so I guess I now have the journaling for this layout, now does it go in my BOM or K's album, that's the question....

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