Favorite Type

so i have figured out that i dont like capitol letters. yeah there great for the start of sentences in all that formal letter writting stuff. but otherwise they seem pretty boring, or else there over used in my opinon. all the character i find in the little letters there so different and unique and well plain fun. the majority of the alpha stamps i own are lowercase, i have two cap sets and one is a complete alpha so i dont know if that counts. also thinking about this most of my cb letters are little guys too. hmmm do i sence a trend?

my favorite letter graphicly is the g they are so cool and range the most from type face to type face. sometime i find words with g's in them so i can use it. i can also tell if i like a type if i like the lower case g. goofy i know! but i love that they sometimes look like bugs, i did a typographic project in college with the little g and made it into bugs, one of my favorite. so there that's why im obsessed with the lowercase letters, or my attempt to explain why i love the little guys.


Lauri Bernet said...

Hi Jakki, love your new blog! It is *awesome*. :) Lauri B.

ZoeDoodle~Debbie said...

Great blog!!