Kelp Forests (Student Example)

Kelp forests are located off the coast of California. They look like forest because the kelp grows really tall. It can grow about 4 inches a day. Many different animals live in the kelp forests. Sea Bats and Urchin eat the kelp.
While Sea Otters eat the urchin and other shell fish that live in the kelp. It is a thriving echo system just off the coast.  I learned that sometimes great white sharks go looking for food in kelp forests.
There are aquariums that have live video feeds of kelp forests.Kelp Forest Cam My favorite kelp forest animal is the Sea Otters, because they are mammals who float in the water and wrap themselves up in kelp so they won't float away.


Gold Embossing Powder, I think I'm in LOVE.

DIY Embelishements: DD and her BFF want to make some DD style journals for christmas this year. And while I'm all excited over them wanting to do this and am happy to supply some of my cool sb stuff in no way and I sharing my expensive wood veneer embellishments. So I've been cutting out some cool stuff on my silhouette in wood grain paper (same look, I use it all the time) and was thinking it might be cool to add some gold Embossing powder to them and see what I get ... lets just say I am in LOVE, these turned out so much cooler than I had thought, now all I need is the pewter, silver, bronze, and copper embossing powders and I will be in metal embellishment heaven ... maybe add a few layers of the cut-outs below them so I get more of the chipboard affect. But so very cool


peppermint twists

Saw something similar over in the Citrus Twist December kit. I think there's are wood, but I could easily cut these with my silhouette in a wood grain paper and have a very similar look. Decided to share too.  (the image is a 300dpi jpeg so you should be able to grab it and trace it)


Project Life Week 10

Week 10 of our lives ... I'm playing more with multiple smaller photos in one layout. Also discovered that I do not like solid photos in the slots all by them selves, I like them trimmed down and backed with some sort of pp. Also got a sewing machine and I made the pocket in the far right middle slot ... it's holding one of K's daily writing sheets (sampling of her writing and such). Just kinda wish I was using actual PL page protectors not the 4x6 ones that I got 3 years ago, oh well might think about sliting the top so you can pull out what's in the pocket.


Project Life Week 9

 I am having so much fun with this now. I've finally got my silhouette working, new blade, and I am making a point to cut out a few titles for different photos. I'm adding in printed journaling cards and playing with the large stack of 6x6 pads that have suddenly appeared.

I read on a forum somewhere how a mom wished PL was around when her kids were little, because she would have a images of her kids going to school, along with some other mundane everyday things that change rapidly if you zoom out into the big picture. So I did just that, I snapped a picture of K lining up in the morning and journalized about what her school does every day in their morning assemblies. L is collecting some sun glasses and I had two photos of him with different ones on in this week. We also got to go eat lunch at chick-fil-a's grand opening this week. Then there are lots of photos of the time we spent at the park, three afternoons worth. Enjoy


project life weeks 4-8

A little picture heavy, but I am sharing some project life pages ...  I'm current now printing, just two weeks to layout (this weekend). I'm thinking printing 2 weeks at a time is good, seems kinda stupid to just print up 10 pictures at a time (its my average for a 2 page spread). So here we go ....

I've finally gone and done it, printed out some of my own things to put on the pages ... it starts with the blue heart that says "now".. i know my 'n' looks a little like an 'h' but i like it ... the little green circle is mine too.

not so many pictures for the next two weeks, i was a little bit sick, so they went on one page spreads

big week here with valentines day .. I had lots of fun slipping in some of K's favorite cards she received. as well as making up my own journaling cards (the 'memo' ones it one I printed) also loved playing with some AC valentine paper I scored at target along with that date stamp too.

and now I think I have fond my grove ... I've got the little cut out letters, the journaling cards, the filler cards, some pretty cool pictures, along with the crappy ones. and lots of little embellishments. this spread has been on my couch (love seat really) for week or more because I wasn't happy with it. After adding some little circles to it, I realized that I had to much  'handwritting' on it and went back and typed up 3 journaling cards and now i like the spread a whole lot more. 

i also have a wanna be flair share blow this post if you want it. ttfn .. weeks 9 and 10 now to do.


Wanna be FLAIR

I pretty much refuse to pay $4-6 dollars for the stuff, although I think it's really really cool to add to pages. I'm probably more fearful of how much bulk it adds to the page to be honest, just seems like a little button would do that, and I tend to stuff my albums with lots of flat pages. It's also extremely easy to make flair ... well at least I think so. Now with my explanation, I'll share these little guys I made up tonight. I did copy the "fave" from SC's project life release but it's my handwriting, they're all my handwriting, and it's not a heart (kept that one for myself!). They're measuring .9" of an inch so they cut with a nice little white boarder with a 1" circle punch. I plan on using them in my up and coming PL pages ... they seem a little bland. I've also been looking at those enamel bottle cap 1" circles (type it into amazon) to make them more "flairish" but for now I'm thinking flat works for me ... want to fit an entire year in one album.
email me if you want the .jpeg file ... I still am not cool enough to have a share other wise link